2015-05-03_00.03.15MR. MOHAMMAD SABIR (S) AHMADZAI

A seasoned and successful young global leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing the implementation of global innovative programs & networking global youth, Youth leader and developer in Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Netherlands. Highly motivated with a proven ability to develop youth of today – leader of tomorrow and Founder/General Director of ASHNA International which work in the sector of social affairs, women empowerment, health and emergency, agriculture and water supply, education and vocational training programs as community development and non-governmental organization, Founder/General Director of ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) which lead a group of organizations, independent and democratic youth-led association which is non-profit, non-governmental and non-political International Association, representing youth from across the world. It works to empower youth and promote their interests. It works for young people and exists to represent the views of youth to the governments, international communities and decision-makers at all levels in promoting and increasing participation of youth in the social and the public life, where young people develop as leaders, encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens, It focus to build the future of youth from all aspects, Founder/Head of Group of Organizations of ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) are ASHNA International Model United Nations (ASHNAIMUN), ASHNA International Youth Volunteers (AIYV), National Youth Awards (NYA), National Youth Parliament (NYP) and Global Youth Opportunities (GYO) youth organizations under the (AIYA) operation with different aims and objectives operate as group under the ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) management, Former UN, UNESCO Active Member, Asia Peace Activist & collaborator to the Asian, European, American & African International Youth Associations, NGOs, Universities, Government, UN Agencies, CSOs & many others, Experienced in converting every opportunity into success and of driving proceed and growth for the global youth. Well networked and highly successful in implementing project process improvements, defining organizations direction, achieving goals, change and optimizing organizations policy & procedures. Keen to find a challenging position with a successful and ambitious of the organization that offers opportunities for career development and advancement.

The Public Outreach Division of JEMB Award Winner
Best LS Division of JEMB Award Winner
Nominated to Asia N-Peace Award a man who work for Advocacy and Equality
Global Entrepreneurship Award Winner
Honored Award by Former President of India Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam & Swami Vivekananda, Gujarat, India.
Transparency International of India & National Law University (India National Award on Researching International Corruption).

Former United Nations
Asia Peace Activist with United Nations
Active Member of UNESCO
Strategic Planner, Global Youth Developer, Proposal & Program Developer & Global Youth Leader


Result oriented professional with over 6.5 years of experience in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Planning, Program Development, Networking with the Local and International Organizations in around the world, Mr. Owoyemi Ibrahim Segun A leader and motivator with ability to achieve strong results through a combination of strategic capability, creativity, solid operational grounding, excellent interpersonal skills and extremely high commitment levels.
A keen strategist with expertise in managing entire operations with key focus on top & bottom line profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Mr. Owoyemi Ibrahim Segun is the Co-Founder, HDDC and Program Operation Director of ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) in HQ Office of Afghanistan, He has been improved the ASHNA International Youth Association (AIYA) worldwide with the development partners from around the world in Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe with more than 200 partners over 45 countries from the around the world, which includes NGOs, Institutions, Universities, Governments, United Nations Agencies, Companies , Local and International Donors.

Award of Best Committed Staff , 2010 – 2012
Award of Certificate for consistency and hard work.
Award of Union Community President Peace Maker, 2013.