Our Personnel


Snehadeep Kayet Secretary General:

“Snehadeep Kayet has recently graduated from KIIT University,India and holds a bachelors degree


in civil engineering. He has been associated with Model UN Conferences since 2012 and has participated in conferences all across Asia, Europe and Central Asia.He was one of the appointed international MUN trainers for World Federation of UN Association Winter Youth Camp, co-organized by Best Delegate in South Korea 2015. He has previously worked with international and national policy research think tanks like Youth Forum on Foreign Policy and United Nations India. Mr Kayet currently works with Netherlands Education Support Office, an office of Dutch Education Ministry in India and volunteers to teach Model UN among school children.

 Anansh Parsad Chief Advisor:Anansh Parsad
Mr. Anansh Parsad is one of the gold medalist chemical engineer who has always contributed his best toward youths with Model UN conferences. He is the founder of the Mumbai MUN & organizer of IIT Mumbai and has attended/chairs more than 70+ MUN conferences in India & currently serving as Chief Adviser for AIMUN 2015.




Bimillah Taban Chief AdvisorBismillah Taban
Mr. Bismillah Taban is an active & energetic youth whom is currently studying his MA in Kazakhstan

National University & has attended many Model UN conferences based in Kazakhstan & Italy &currently serving as Chief Adviser for AIMUN 2015.



Fahmida Faiza MUN Advisor11745805_492004594291660_2996003954548482835_n

Fahmida Faiza is one of the qualified and interested MUNers whom has beencontributed most of our time for these activities.She is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and has attended/chaired so many MUN conferences in various countries while,currently serving as MUN advisor with AIMUN 2015.




SIM Shadman Sheikh MUN Advisor:11703068_492003427625110_7294733393735975310_n

SIM Shadman Sheikh is an active & energetic youth leader from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has always contributed his time toward MUN activities in various countries. He has attended & chaired various MUN conferences in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and currently serving as MUN Advisor with AIMUN  2015.




Aimal Ashrati Amarkhail, Deputy Secretary General:Aimal Ashrati

Mr. Aimal Ashrati is an active youth working with World Bank & the founder/director or the Amar Baba Social, Cultural Society & has attended several various youth conferences & currently working as Deputy Secretary General with AIMUN 2015.