Mr. Abdul Bari Jahani (Minister of Information & Cultural Affairs):

Abdul Bari Jahani was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan, completed his high school in Mirwais Nika High School and graduated from KabJahaniul University in 1973 with BA in Pashto Literature.

He has started his career with Pashto Tolana (Community) and he subsequently, served as foreign aid manager for the Ministry of Education (MoE) and later he was appointed as Deputy Director for the Afghanistan National Radio Television. He has also worked with VOA for 10 years and recently working as Minister of Information & Cultural Affairs in the current government.

Mr. Jahani is an excellent writer of books and poet. He has published 18 books. The Afghanistan National Anthem has been written by him.


Dr. Kamal Sadaat (Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs):jawanan

Mr. Kamal Sadaat is a civil society activist and medical doctor graduated from Sheikh Zayed University of Khost province.

He has worked with DIWA Radio & Television in Southern Khost province. He was a reporter in for BBC & Reuters based in Afghanistan and recently appointed as Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs.


Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo (CEO of AISA):

Mohammad Qurban Haqjo was born into a trading family. He completed his primary education in his hometown, Puli Khumri, Baghlan Province, and then graduated from the Political Science faculty of Balkh University. Recently he did his MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of North West – New York. After his bachelor degree, he started a private business in Russia, but soon moved to Germany where he compleAISAted studies in International Business relations and then worked as an instructor in computer and Internet Technologies. Returning 2005 to Afghanistan, he worked with the Chamber Reform Committee and Chamber Merger Committee, when he played an important role in the merger of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (state controlled chamber) and the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) which was an independent and non-government chamber. After completion of the merger process, Mr. Haqjo helped manage the reform process at regional level and facilitated national chamber elections. In mid-2008, he was elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the newly combined chambers. He promotes ACCI as an independent legal entity, a non-political and non-profit organization of the Afghan business community, protecting the rights of the private sector and supporting the business activities of its members at national and international levels. Haqjo has also worked as a legal advisor on different projects funded by European Union in Afghanistan and he is recently appointed as the Chief of AISA.


The following speaker’s will be invited for the conference and prior to the confirmation it will announced.

  • Hamid Karzai (Former President of Afghanistan)
  • Mohammad Sarwer Danish (Second Vice President of Afghanistan)
  • Amrullah Saleh (Former Head of Intelligence)
  • Shukria Barikzai (Member of Parliament)